Child Safety Resources for SCS Staff, Parents, Students and Community

SCS Mission and Vision

  1. New Horizons Strategic Plan

  2. Archbishop’s Charter

Child Safety Policies and Guidelines

  1. Child Safe Schools – information for parents

  2. Child Protection Policy: Responding to Complaints and Allegations

  3. Child Protection Policy: Reporting Concerns to Family and Community Services and Police

  4. Child Protection Procedures- Responding to Complaints and Allegations

  5. Knives and Other Prohibited Weapons Policy

  6. Knives and Other Prohibited Weapons Guidelines

  7. Deradicalisation of Students Policy
  8. Workplace Health & Safety Management System

Staff Child Safety and Professional Conduct Induction Resources

  1. Code of Professional Conduct
  2. Onboarding for New Staff
  3. Engaging Volunteers

  4. Contractor Resource Kit

  5. Volunteers Resource Kit  

SCS resources supporting student learning and wellbeing

  1. Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care Policy

  2. Anti bullying Policy

  3. Supporting Students with Complex Social and Emotional Needs Policy

  4. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy

  5. Students with Complex Care Needs Policy
  6. Students with Disability and Additional Learning Needs e-Handbook

Resources for Parents

  1. Resolution of Complaints Parent Brochure

  2. Resolution of Complaints Policy
  3. About Catholic Schools Magazine
  4. Parents Charter

Record keeping resources

  1. Data Management and Record Retention Policy

  2. Guidelines for Data Management and Record Retention

  3. Privacy Policy

  4. Privacy – Collection Notices

  5. Overseas and Excursion policies Excursions Camps and Tours Policy
  6. Overseas Excursions for Students Policy

Use of Technology Resources

  1. Staff Acceptable Use of technology Policy
  2. Staff Acceptable Use of Technology Guidelines
  3. Staff use of social media
  4. Student Acceptance Use Agreement Form
  5. Bring Your Own Device Implementation Guidelines